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Mathew full of personality, fun and creativity.

Composing already, playing with flourishing development and with a love of learning.

The only way to go!!! An exciting journey.



Liver playing so beautifully his holiday practice had really consolidated his 2020 pieces now into new ones.

Singing is his other musical passion and his repertoire is growing.

Exams in 2021.



An equally musical brother in Charlie.

The singing is so beautiful in his wonderful speech development.

Piano playing now is expanding with his musical ear, tone and touch. Left brain development is so evident in Charlie's overall musicality and conversational rapport.

Exciting time ahead.


The boys love their Voice and Piano less
 Sanju Modi  

Miranda is a brilliant music teacher, very experienced, patient and great with our 2 boys who have been learning piano and singing for the past few years. She takes the time to connect with her students and understands the most effective ways to get the best out of them. Tea and biscuits for the parents is also a very nice touch :).

Highly recommend Miranda for anyone on the Gold Coast wanting to start learning music and piano.

Sanju Modi


Thank you, Miranda, for the lessons I love your teaching skills and the way you have such a lovely style and flow with the classes.

My voice is becoming the sound I have aspired to for a long time and since starting everything has changed for the better.


I also couldn't thank you enough for encouraging me to try the piano again after past bad experiences on the Gold Coast my love of playing has returned thanks to you. Not only as a hobby but now I feel that I am becoming quite a professional player.

It's great to have both my voice and piano developing with the best teacher in the Gold Coast plus you are such a lovely person.


I was so lucky to be referred to you the best thing I have done for myself.
Thank you from Yvette.

Miranda is a passionate teacher who invests herself into each and every one of her students and always strives for them to reach their full potential. Whether my daughter is working towards her yearly exams or simply needs some performance practice, Miranda is happy to help and guide us.


I am a very happy parent of a young student of Miranda at Rising Stars Studio.


I am very grateful to have found a music teacher with such dedication to her students and whose passion for music flows through to her students. Most importantly Mia looks forward to her weekly music lessons with Miranda and her love for music is stronger than ever.


I have been training with Miranda at Rising Stars studio for the past 4 years both Singing Stage Craft /Performance skills with my theatre scripts as I have acted since I was 5 in films commercials and theatre productions.

I also started piano 18 months ago. My life took off after winning a scholarship for Year 10 taking me to year 12 at a private school here on the Gold Coast thanks to my teacher Miranda who prepared and advised me to apply.

My parents are also overjoyed as the fees were very high, and now I am able to have my education paid for from my talent and love of Singing and Acting. I adore all the styles Miranda teaches she has a gorgeous voice and never stops giving of her amazing skills.

I have sung in 4 languages modern, jazz, classical and Music Theatre repertoire. So fantastic and so broadening for me. My range has extended way past anything I could have hoped for and strength throughout my range is again credited to my teachers wealth of experience as a teacher and performer.

Miranda has so many amazing qualifications but most of all she is a gorgeous person to train with!!

Piano is also a great relaxation I am sitting my grade and pleasure 5 this year!! Not bad for 18 months thanks again to my wonderful teacher


Miranda, thank you.


"I have been very lucky to have Miranda teaching my son for singing and piano lessons. As she has been in the industry for over 20 years performing and teaching, the energy she has to teach and grow talented children is such a gift.

Her teaching method is very professional and the skills my son is learning will be for life. The benefits are learning to express himself, and grow in self -confidence.

I recommend her to anyone. She has the most amazing personality, patience and continues to teach and encourage children to exceed their goals."


"Ava has been attending singing and piano lessons with Miranda now for a few months and in that time I have seen how she has blossomed into a more confident person and performer. She has been enjoying singing and playing piano and creating her own songs since she was 2 yet had no formal training.

Miranda's classes are giving her the foundations she needs and with the correct techniques she can now begin to hone her craft. Her school work has greatly improved also and I don't see her struggling as much with her homework."


Regards Lyndsay


"I am pleased to provide a testimonial for Miranda of Rising Stars. My 9 year old daughter Juliette has been a private voice and piano student of Miranda’s for three years and in this time I have seen a vast improvement in Juliette’s patience, self esteem and level of confidence both academically and socially. Miranda has adapted to Juliette’s needs whilst teaching her and put a lot of effort into bringing her out of her shell to the level that she has performed several vocal solos and completed her exams in both voice and piano, these accomplishments are due to the exceptional teaching skills of Miranda. Juliette has found some of the work challenging, and I believe that her results are largely due to Miranda’s expertise and dedication. Juliette has been able to accomplish so much in such a short time. Miranda has also been proactive in encouraging Juliette to apply for scholarships due to her achievements in voice and piano. We are extremely happy with Juliette’s progress and Miranda’s personalised teaching approach and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to reach their potential in piano and voice, for enhancement of academic achievements and to build self confidence."


Emma only had 1 term to learn with Miranda with us moving overseas, in this time I have seen my daughter become a more confident person, she has encouraged her with her singing allowing Emma to be shy singing quietly to herself in her room to being able to sing in front of others and also developing her piano skills in such a short time.


We are sorry to not be able to continue with Rising Stars Studio however are incredibly thankful for the time we have had here. Thank you, Miranda, for giving her the passion of music.


Hi Miranda


My 5yo daughter Adeline, loves her singing and piano lessons with Miranda. While she was a bit hesitant on piano at the beginning, she has now developed an interest in piano and even started to practice on her own. She’s very proud of what she learns each week. Miranda’s rapport with Adeline has definitely made each lesson enjoyable and she always look forward to visiting each week.


Hi Miranda,

I would like to deeply thank you for your dedication for teaching Music Theory, Piano and Singing to New for all these years. You are such a great teacher who inspires her so much. She enjoys the weekly music lesson New has gained a great deal more knowledge and confidence since she started music lessons with you.

Also, it is quite obvious that she has consistently received high commendations and many awards from the music program in her school and from the Music Board exams because of your wonderful exceptional teaching. We will always be grateful for your kind support and encouragement to our daughter. Thank you so much we will miss you now that we are leaving the Gold Coast.

Best Regards,



Since commencing lessons at Rising Stars Studio, with Miranda I was initially assessed for my voice range and Miranda noted the tone was very dark and the placement from past lessons with other gold coast teachers left me with this ageing tone when I am only in my early 20s.

With only a few lessons my family noted the change in my voice that it had re captured a lovely youthful tone and the new repertoire I am learning is inspiring me to new heights.

It is so valuable to have someone with vast knowledge and experience to learn from and draw upon to perfect your skills.

I am so grateful to have found Miranda and to be training with her at the studio. One can only imagine how I am going to shine in the near future as my improvement has been amazing in only a few weeks of lessons.

Thank you, Miranda.


I have studied piano with Miranda for several years now.  As a mature age student, the demands of my professional life mean that I often do not have the time or, just as importantly, the relaxed frame of mind to practise regularly and effectively.  As a result, my progress has been slower than Miranda’s younger students.  Nevertheless, I have enjoyed my piano studies immensely and derive great pleasure from the pieces that I have learned to play.  Miranda has been the most understanding and effective teacher for someone of my age and work commitments, and over the years she has improved my playing ability dramatically, despite the limitations imposed by my schedule.  I have also witnessed the great success of Miranda’s teaching on her young students, including a student with an attention deficit disorder.  I would highly recommend Miranda as a voice and piano teacher to students of all ages.



My Introduction to Miranda was whilst driving to my painting class with my friend Gwenie.

Maria Callas was singing One Fine Day from Madam Butterfly and I sang it with her. My friend turned with her jaw drooped and said ‘oh my goodness you can sing’, I didn’t know I could still be at all impressive after 60 years without any professional work in that field.

Gwen had another friend whose son was training with Miranda. As a result Tim had won a scholarship to Somerset and was doing singing and piano exams with Miranda and playing lead roles at the Arts Centre, school and Spotlight theatre. That encouraged me to ring Miranda  at Rising Stars Studio, how wise I was.

After some months tuition I made a CD for my husband’s 84th birthday and sang 12 beautiful items in the recording studio over a week or two of work. It was loved by family , friends and a record of my comeback.

I then completed a high singing exam with Distinction. This year 2016 I am preparing an even higher exam and will present for it early 2017 when I turn 86.

I could not thank Miranda enough for her expertise as a teacher and performer with such extraordinary talent.
She inspires and sees that each and every student reaches his or her best potential and more! The repertoire is always challenging. At my age I really appreciate her energy, encouragement, strength and belief in me as a Singer, which has enhanced my life and overall memory and focus in my later years.

Most importantly I feel an ongoing, “joie de vive”, each day of my life with singing, thank you, Miranda and Rising Stars Studio.

Sheila Catterall OAM

Unexpected Song - Miranda Rains
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 Jake  Williamson  

"Miranda would have to be one of the best singing teachers I've worked with to date.

Her exceptional knowledge in vocal training, technique and theory of music is sensational. Her skills in performing and acting were so valuable.

I always felt as though my voice was in the best hands of a true professional. So much so, after I achieved a Distinction in 8th Grade Singing (Performance) with the help of Miranda’s limitless knowledge of repertoire and appropriate choices for my voice type, as well as all the other various styles that she specialises in, teaching from the Operatic to Jazz, Popular and all in-between genres.
Miranda then taught and assisted in all my auditions and in particular for the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney. Where I am now currently studying towards a Bachelor of Music,  (Music Theatre) the course of my dreams. I have just completed playing the lead in
“The Witches of Eastwick” a Musical performed in Sydney with great success.
My dreams are coming to life and Miranda and the Rising Stars Studio was the start of finding and realising that you can “Reach for the Stars” and achieve your ambitions

I can't thank Miranda enough, and would recommend her to anyone."

Jake Williamson - Former Student.



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