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  Music Tailor Made for all levels 

  Our Programs   

Learn from an Early Childhood and Music Specialist who is devising advanced programs for developing children's hidden gifts through Music education with future proven academic success on a one to one basis for accelerated learning.


  • 1/2 hour * 3/4 hour * 1   hour

  • Day and weekend (subject to availability)

In a fun and happy environment while developing the left hemisphere of his or her brain.

PIANO all genres of music are introduced for a rounded musical experience and skill development.

EXAMINATIONS available at all levels in Voice, Piano, Music Theory, Performance and Grade examinations.

SCHOLARSHIP preparation and proven record of scholarship winners to leading private schools on the Gold Coast over the past 10 years with full, 3/4 and half scholarships being awarded for Music performance excellence in Voice and Piano.

Private classes specialise in developing the students talent to its full potential whether a Voice or Piano student. Students have the option to combine both voice & piano in their lessons.




  • Repertoire or pieces are selected to develop applied technique as well as technique for specific skill development.Singers gain a wealth of variety and skills and can choose areas of favourite interest.

  • All genres of music are covered. Styles of singing are developed plus the ability to sing and perform popular, jazz, modern ballads and the classics.


  Early Childhood Music lessons for your child  
  • Early Childhood ( 4 years to 6 years)

  • Discover and Develop your child's gifts and talents by building the best foundation for future success and academic achievement

  • Private class. Day and weekend

  • Introduction to Music appreciation

  • Ear training, Voice and Speech development

  • Notation recognition

  • Memory and retention development


  In a fun and happy environment while developing the left hemisphere of his or her brain.

Love Music Love Learning.

 Children Classes 
  • Specializing in Voice Training

  • Music theatre

  • Stage presentation

  • Interpretation and drama/role development

  • Studio skills

  • Speech perfection.


  Adult Classes  
  • All Ages.   

  • Voice and Piano.  

  • Beginners to Advanced/ Professional.

  • All styles of Voice/ Singing classes are available.

  • Singing and Piano combined classes are available.               


Students can learn to sing or play all styles of music from Modern, popular, Jazz, Classical or Opera with the qualified expert teachers.


Exams or just for pleasure, relaxation learning a skill you have wanted to develop or want to come back to polish old skills and never had the time or the right person to learn from, well now is the time.

Seize the day reach for the stars

The dream is attainable and the journey is enjoyable and rewarding not only personally, but it enhances your creativity with inspiration which flows into all aspects of life.

From Professors, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Professional men and women, mothers and working people all have dreams which can be fulfilled with the joy of music in their lives and learning to Sing and / or play the piano.

Improve your presentation skills for work, court or the classroom whatever your profession these skills will put you above the crowd and have you standing out as an individual.

Don't think any longer act today and start to reap the immeasurable benefits of Music Education

Singing and Piano tuition at Rising Stars Studio, Gold Coast

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