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  Miranda’s Bio 

Miranda was cast in Music Theatre productions as a child and TV commercials. She always enjoyed the stage and began to win all the local Eisteddfods in Victoria, Gippsland, Warrnambool and Ballarat from a young age showing her love of Singing and many areas of the Vocal repertoire. French, Italian and German Art songs and Opera.

At the young age of 16 she completed year 12 with outstanding results to enter Medicine/ Veterinary science but chose to pursue an Honours Degree in Music with Voice and Piano {also guitar and percussion], composition, Vocal Literature, Stage craft, Languages to name part of the program.


As a Soprano Miranda was cast in all major productions at the University Faculty of Music ranging from Handel Creation and Messiah to Brahms Requiem, Marriage of Figaro, Purcell Dido and Aeneas and lunch time recitals of French and Spanish music, excerpts from Operas, Music theatre in Concert. As well as the ongoing Alliance Francaise Soloist for Bastille day at Graduate House for several years as a 16, 17 18 and 19-year-old student.


After winning 3 Academic Exhibition awards from Melbourne University and many Scholarships within the music faculty for Vocal and pianistic talent. Miranda graduated with honours and went on to train further overseas where she was engaged in many productions from Music theatre to Opera.


This was followed by a return to the University to undertake an Education Degree plus a post graduate Diploma in Early Childhood education. Miranda was a fully registered Early childhood, Primary and Secondary teacher.

From her first year at the Conservatorium of Music, Miranda taught piano, voice, theory ear training under the guidance of her Concert pianist and Singer mother Roma.


Roma had been a very young celebrity and child prodigy Concert pianist in Melbourne who also had won all available awards and scholarships available to her and had graduated from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, with titles such as  being compared to Sergei  Rachmaninoff by Percy Grainger with a great career ahead of her, { see Photos} . Also, the picture of Professor Bernard Heinze with Percy Grainger and Roma as a student od the Conservatorium of Music.


As well as all the mentioned work performed by Miranda’s mother before her marriage, Roma was the ABC soloist for 25 years and a shinning star celebrity representing the Australian Army and playing to troops all over the country. She and won the Miss Australia competition and all she wanted was the joy of performing on the piano in any capacity and was not expecting to win. Her professional career was ongoing with music recitals, concert work tours etc.


Later marrying John Rountree , Roma  moved to the western District of Victoria where she built a large private practice of students, Roma also raised large amounts of money for building the Hamilton Arts Centre and had a radio program which was a musical travelogue to Paris and all over Europe exposing Australians to the wonderful world of great music, played by Roma , the script also her work and presented weekly by Roma. This wonderful career continued until she was unable to perform internationally and cut back on concert work due to her vision issues after a car accident. Roma’s brilliant memory allowed her teach the young up and coming stars of the Conservatorium with her usual joie de vivre. Ans she continued to inspire and produce ABC stars and graduates of the Faculty up until late 1990’s.


Miranda was able to assist as a young protégé with private students which was also a wonderful foundation to her love of teaching.


Dr Phyllis Rountree was Miranda’s aunt or fathers brother proudly she was Australia<s first female Churchill Scholarship winner and after her medical degree at Melbourne University went to Oxford becoming a PHD in Bacteriology, returning to Australia to contribute further to others education as a Professor at Sydney University  up until the 1990’s. Another proud Australian contributor to our country.


Miranda has two musical children both in their 20’s now and have spent many years playing piano, and other instruments as well as singing. Both have won highly coveted scholarships for their school years at the leading private schools in Melbourne and also on the Gold Coast where they gained under the old system OP1 99.6 in year 12 going on into medicine. Both have full and rewarding medical careers and still love their music and ability to play and sing both completing higher Music exams with their mother as teacher. A major contributor to their brain and academic success.


Apart from her private students, work devising music and vocal programs and syllabi for various schools and academic institutions, Miranda adjudicates and accompanies when appropriate. She is a registered teacher with the Queensland College of teachers and has further qualifications, A.Mus. A., and L. Mus. A.  As a professional performer Miranda enjoys contracts which fit into her busy schedule and in 2019 was delighted to perform overseas in Italy, Venice, Vienna and Paris. Especially now with the restrictions on travel in 2020.  She will choose wisely again when the time is safe and gaps in her Gold Coast terms of teaching can be comfortably included not to interfere with students training, exams or preparation for concerts or scholarships.


Music is the spice of life and if taught by an experienced highly skilled teacher who has a passion for both excellence and love of teaching, one cannot ask for more in educating a child, to develop his or her full brain potential. Also, young adults wanting to reach for the stars to become 2020 and future years talent to its full potential. For adults and the elderly one can look forward to a rewarding experience playing and or singing in all or any style for personal fulfillment or to find one’s inner soul or maybe pursue a hidden dream that now can be followed.



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